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ohh... bloody british blokes

1st stop of my adventure travel - 4 days of luxurious vacationing with a super comfy couch to sleep on and clean showers.

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Four days in London and it's now time again to head on to my next destination. London is an extremely easy place to get around, even for the direction-challenged like me. My first impression of London as i stepped into the tube was FILTHY. the subway walls were black, empty coffee cups and dirty tissues litter the station, on escalators, everywhere on the floor and there was no garbage can anywhere in sight (later lily told me it was becuz they were scared of terrorist bombings). Everything in London is so freaking expensive as well - ever heard of CDN$4 FOR a piece of sushi? not even a piece of sushi with fancy fish, but only a piece of california. Despite of all the filth and feeling immensely ripped off everywhere i go (especially the food!), it's hard not to fall in love with london.

Like Paris, the streets of downtown London are surrounded by Victorian style architecture and significant historical landmarks. Walk through any road north of the Thames River and you can definitely feel the grandeur of this city and how powerful it was in the past. To me, the Brits also seem to be more "cultured" than the average North American. Cultured in the sense of appreciating and being more open to many types of the visual arts, music, and theatre, not just popular culture as in N. America. And i must say, British guys are HOT! Great sense of style, sexy British accent and they're tall and lean. Well, maybe i should wait until i see their teeth then make my final judgement.

Highlights in London:


Westminister Abbey

any photo, especially this photo, doesn't give justice to the grandeur and scope of Westminister Abbey. you hafta be there to appreciate its beauty! due to awful planning on my part it already closed when i got there... shit dammit!!



the most amazing department store i've ever been in. the theme for the escalators is egyptian pharoahs and there's a women singing operas on the balcony. absolutley scrumptious


amazing looking marzipans at Harrods

Harrod's has the greatest food section ever - they sell every type of cuisine, cheeses, they have over 20 types of pate and ooooh so much more.


King's Cross Platform 9

being a big harry potter fan in the land of harry potter, of course i had to go. i tried leaning on every wall possible, didnt materialize somewhere else...


Protest exhibition at Tate Britain

there's a whole story to why the protest displays moved to this museum. The British government passed a law stating there could be no protest on parliament square and now the exhibition is at the tate museum. protestors, i totally agree with wat you're protesting against. but are you spelling his name wrong on purpose?


Avenue Q

the funniest musical i've ever seen!! americans making fun of themselves, and yes, they're anti bush. go watch it if they have it near you!

as i had to upload my pics one by one, there were too many pics i couldn't post up. tate modern, covent garden, st paul's cathedral are all amazing places. Special thanks to lily for letting me stay at her place for the past few days and thanks mary for wanting to drive me home that night but ended up as a road trip.

that's it for now! i'm heading to athens tomorrow and will update more later

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